Photo list importer explained

Lightroom plug-in that reads a CSV file and stores all photos found in the Lightroom Collection LRS_Photo_List
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Photo list importer explained

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Photo list importer explained

Photo list importer is a Lightroom plug-in that reads a valid CSV (Comma Seperated Values) file and adds all photos found in the catalog in a Collection called "LRS_Photo_List".
You can create a valid CSV file by hand or from Excel or you might use one of our ready-made queries for you, see our Queries section in our Webshop

Sometimes you are looking for photos in your Lightroom catalog that can not be (easely) found with the search mechanisms in Lightroom.
For example: find all photos that have not a unique name, find all photos that have a JPEG and RAW version.

If you can create a text files with the names of these photos, Photo list importer reads that file and adds all those photos to the "LRS_Photo_List" Collection.
Further in the Queries section you find some ready made queries which you can save as a CSV file.

Photo list importer has a fast and a slow mode, see more info below.

Conditions on the input file:
  1. A valid CSV file.
  2. The first column should contain
    • Fast mode: full path + filename
    • Slow mode: filename with or without the extension
    Other columns may follow
  3. The photos should already be in the catalog
  4. If the filename of path contains commas, the name should be wrapped between double quotes

    Code: Select all

    Correct: "E:/Scans/1989/1989 Sailing, swimming/DAH_1989_0014.jpg"
    Wrong: E:/Scans/1989/1989 Sailing, swimming/DAH_1989_0014.jpg
  5. No double quotes in the file name or path.
2 modes: fast and slow
Photo list importer has 2 modes:
  1. Fast mode
    In this mode the CSV file should contain the full path and file name of the photo

    Code: Select all

    E:/Scans/1989/1989 Sailing/DAH_1989_0004.jpg
    E:/Scans/1989/1989 Sailing/DAH_1989_0005.jpg
    E:/Scans/1989/1989 Sailing/DAH_1989_0006.jpg
  2. Slow mode
    Only the filename of the photo

    Code: Select all

Advantages slow mode
When using the slow mode one can choose between several search modes in the plug-in. These search modes are the same as you find in the Smart Collection when searching on file names:
  1. Contains
  2. Contains all
  3. Starts with
  4. Ends with
Normally the first three have the same effect on a filename.
"End with" expects also the extension to be specified to find a file.
DAH_20121220_9999 will be equally found by Contains, Contains all and Start with but NOT with Ends with
DAH_20121220_9999.CR2 will be found by all four.
Yet 9999.CR2 will find all photos which name ends on 9999.CR2 including 20121220_9999.CR2

  • When searching for derivative files
    • Populate your Quick Collection with master photos you want to find the derivative from
    • Run our query "Find Derivative files"
    • Save the result as a CSV file
    • Import the CSV with this plug-in and choose for "Short name + Starts with"
  • Find all photos with a name that start with ...
    Steps, see above
The reason between the fast and the slow mode is that in Lightroom a different search mechanism has to be used. The slow mode uses a search mechanism similar to that of the Smart collection.

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